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Child to School is a non-governmental organisation established to enrol financially deprived children into schools and empower children to contribute to the development of their societies,Africa and the world as a whole.

Child to School seeks to raise leaders out of the younger generation who will uphold proper leadership values,thus,becoming problem solvers and not problem seekers. We seek to bridge the gap between the acquisition and the application of knowledge by the younger generation through their involvement in achieving sustainable development. We believe that Africa need a new generation of innovative and creative thinkers and this can be achieved through the right exposure to education given to children right from the onset.

Child to School is therefore established to be a mouthpiece of national and continental change,by providing the necessary condition to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and nurturing entrepreneurial skillsĀ  in the children. We are convinced that stimulating these younger ones through education and skillsl empowerment programmes is a sure way of promotingĀ  development in Africa.

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